Why is my Monstera droopy?

Source: Reddit 

Short Answer: A droopy Monstera is most likely due to under-watering, but it could also be a case of over-watering, bug infestations, a recent transplant or lack of light (even though, yes, they are usually good low-light plants).

Below are some steps and methods to try in diagnosing the problems on why your Monstera is droopy. 

How to Fix it?

Step One: Diagnose the problem using a process of elimination. 

Check the soil- if it’s completely dried out or quite damp despite having been a few days since watering, you might have an over-/under-watering situation on your hands. Did you recently repot your Monstera? Are their little bugs on the leaves? Is it sitting in a dark corner?

Step Two: Address the Issue and try these methods.


Adjust watering as necessary. Your soil should always be slightly damp, with only the top 2-3 inches drying out between waterings. Monsteras like to be on the drier side so it might a good idea to water less than water too often. It is also a good idea to let Monstera soil dry out and then water until it flows out of the bottom of the pot. 

Overwatered Monstera Deliciosa will have a yellow discoloration that starts from the outer edge of the leaves. It will spread inwards until the leaf is fully yellow and die if the watering doesn't decrease. 

Overwatered Monsteras will also look droopy and stems will usually bend downwards due to the saggy leaves. 

Underwatered Monstera Deliciosa seldom kill the plant. Believe it or not, you can stop watering Monstera Deliciosas for a few weeks to a month and the plant will be just a little droopy but not enough to kill the plant. 

Monsteras like to be on the drier side so it's way easier to kill it by overwatering than underwatering.


Sometimes you might have done everything under the sun right from watering to fertilizing but your Monstera is is not happy. Try moving your plant around the house to test different lighting. It's sometimes unexplainable that certain plants love certain spots in your house. 

Pest control

Monsteras are also susceptible to bugs such as aphids and mealy bugs. Although they are not easy to see, there are tell tell signs on Monstera leaves that can indicate your plant is droopy because of bugs. You can purchase a bug spray or fungal spray depending on your diagnosis of your plant. Read our article on Common Pest and How to Identify them. 

Source: Reddit


Make sure your transplant pot in only a few inches bigger than the one you were using previously. It’s possible that the roots were damaged during transfer. Just pay extra close attention to your Monstera’s needs and it should adjust with time.

Monsteras like to be root bound so don’t be too worried about giving the roots a big pot to grow in. Increase the size of the pot gradually as the roots grow.

This picture shows a very badly root-bound Monstera and needs to be repotted before it gets to this crowded or it would hinder the plant's growth.

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