Plants under $50

    Tradescantia Bubblegum Lilac


    African Violet Saintpaulia


    Monstera Adansonii


    Dioon Edule

    from $5.50

    Calathea Roseopicta Crimson


    String of Turtles Succulent


    Begonia Maculata


    Caladium Hilo Beauty


    String of Pearls

    from $16.95

    Red Maranta Prayer Plant


    Haworthia Zebra Succulent


    Philodendron Birkin Variegata


    Alocasia Black Velvet


    Purple Passion (Gynura Aurantiaca)


    Philodendron Brandtianum Silver Leaf

    from $35.00

    Alocasia Pink Dragon


    Variegated String of Pearls


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