How to Save Your Monstera Plant from Yellowing Leaves

Monstera plants, also known as Swiss cheese plants, are stunning houseplants that have become increasingly popular in recent years. Their large, glossy leaves with unique perforations make them a beautiful addition to any indoor space. However, like any plant, Monstera plants can experience issues, and one of the most common problems is yellowing leaves.

In this article, I will guide you through the causes of yellowing leaves in Monstera plants and provide practical steps to save your beloved plant from this issue.

Common Issues with Monstera Plants

Monstera plants are relatively easy to care for, but they are not immune to problems. Aside from yellowing leaves, some other issues that this plant owners may encounter include root rot, pests, and wilting. However, yellowing leaves are often the first sign that something is amiss with your plant's health. Therefore, it is crucial to understand why this happens and how to address it effectively.

Understanding Yellowing Leaves

Yellowing leaves in Monstera plants can occur for various reasons. It is important to differentiate between leaves that naturally age and turn yellow, and leaves that turn yellow prematurely due to underlying issues. Older leaves will naturally yellow and eventually fall off as new leaves emerge. However, if your plant is experiencing yellowing on new or multiple leaves, it is a cause for concern.

Causes of Yellowing Leaves

Monstera leaves can turn yellow for a few reasons. One common reason is overwatering. When you overwater, the roots can't get enough oxygen. This lack of oxygen leads to root rot and yellow leaves.

Underwatering can also make Monstera leaves yellow. When underwatered, the plant gets stressed and gets rid of older leaves to save water. Not enough light, missing nutrients, and pests can also cause yellow Monstera leaves.

How to Prevent Yellowing Leaves in Monstera Plants

The best way to keep your Monstera happy and healthy is to prevent leaves from turning yellow in the first place. To do this, give your Monstera the perfect growing conditions. First, find a bright spot for your plant, but keep it out of direct sunlight. Too much sun can burn the leaves.

Water your Monstera regularly, but let the soil dry a little in between waterings. This prevents both overwatering and underwatering. Check your Monstera often for pests. If you see any, get rid of them quickly. Last, feed your Monstera a balanced fertilizer that dissolves in water. This gives it the nutrients it needs.

Steps to Save Your Monstera Plant from Yellowing Leaves

Don't worry if your Monstera already has yellow leaves! We can still help it. First, figure out why the leaves are turning yellow. Check the soil - is it too wet or too dry? If it's too wet, let the soil dry out completely before watering again. If it's too dry, water your Monstera more often, but don't drown it. Look for pests too. Get rid of them if you find any. Maybe your Monstera needs more light. Try moving it to a brighter spot or using a grow light.

Different Types of Caring

There are many types of Monstera plants, and each might need slightly different care. For instance, a variegated Monstera deliciosa needs more light than a regular one. To keep your Monstera happy and prevent yellow leaves, do some research on the specific kind you have. Some Monsteras like it more humid, while others are okay with drier air. The more you know about your Monstera's needs, the better you can care for it and avoid yellow leaves.

Where to Buy

Looking to add a beautiful Monstera to your indoor jungle? Maybe your current one has some yellow leaves and needs a replacement? Bumble Plants can help!

There are two great ways to find your perfect Monstera. Local plant nurseries and garden centers are a fantastic option. You get to see the plant in person before you buy it.

Another option is to shop online at bumble plants or other online plant stores. This can be a great choice if you're looking for a specific variety of Monstera.

No matter where you choose to buy, make sure you do your research! Read reviews online to see what other plant lovers are saying. Check the seller's reputation to make sure they're reliable.

When buying online, ask the seller about the plant's health and how they'll ship it. You want to make sure your new Monstera arrives happy and healthy, ready to thrive in your home!


Monstera plants are known for their lush green leaves, but sometimes those leaves can turn yellow. Not to worry! Bumble Plants is here to help you keep your Monstera happy and green.

There are a few reasons Monstera leaves might yellow, but the good news is they're all preventable with the right care. We'll show you how to give your Monstera the perfect amount of light and water, and how to spot and deal with any pests that might be causing trouble.

By following our tips, your Monstera will be thriving in no time, its beautiful leaves adding a touch of tropical flair to your indoor space.

Enjoy the process of caring for your Monstera plant and watch it thrive!

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