7 Best Low Light Houseplants

What plants do well in low light?

Short Answer: 7 best plants for low light are: Snake Plant, Monstera Deliciosa (might get leggy), Pothos, Nerve Plants, Ferns, English Ivy, Palm

Choosing the right plant for your home environment is key to ensuring it stays healthy. If you want your plant to thrive in your care, you will need to consider how much light there is in the space where you plan to keep it, as well as alternative space if it needs to be moved around. Keep in mind that shelf height, window position, angles, and navigational direction (north/south/east/west) will all dictate how much sunlight your plant gets throughout the day.

The Indestructible Snake Plant

Snake plants are not only good houseplants for low light, they’re are also one of the best houseplants for beginners! If you need a plant who will be patient as you learn to care for it, the snake plant is a great place to start. These low to no light houseplants can survive in dark corners and can handle a dry spell of you forget to water it right on time. 

Pretty Pothos

Photo by Severin Candrian

Though Pothos do like some indirect sunlight, they will tolerate shady environments really well, making them true low light houseplants. Just be sure to let its soil dry out fully before watering again to avoid root rot. Too much light or too much water are the pet peeves of this pretty species.

Non-Toxic Nerve Plants

If you have furry friends at home, we know that choosing a non-toxic plant is your top priority- and it’s not always an easy task! Nerve plants are great low light houseplants that are safe for cats and they are easy too care for too. These plants will require more moisture, so keeping the soil damp (not soggy) and the house humid is ideal. 


Due to their versatile nature, ferns are some of the best low light plants. In fact, most of these little guys actually prefer the shade! Not to mention there are so many types to choose from, based on the size and aesthetic you’re going for; from Kimberly Queen Fern, to Maidenhair, to Bird’s Nest, to Boston. Even better, these flexible indoor plants are totally cat safe! Each fern species will have it’s own watering needs so be sure to read up on the variety you choose. 

English Ivy 

Did you know that vine plants can thrive with low sunlight too? While you might be most familiar with this classic foliage trailing up trellises and growing up the sides of stone cottages, English Ivy is also an easy plant to grow in low light rooms indoors. Just be sure to allow it to fully dry out between watering to avoid yellow leaves! 

The Mighty Majesty Palm 

If you want a tall houseplant that prefers low light, you’ll love the Majesty Palm. Growing up to 15 feet, this indoor palm tree will make you feel like you’re living on an island. Your palm will need watering every week or two- the less light it has, the less water it will require, so pay attention to the soil! You should only be re-watering when it is about half-dry.

Starting with one of these shade-lovers is a great way to start your plant collection at home, even if you don’t have a lot of natural light. It’s important to keep in mind that every plant, even those who tolerate low light environments, will have different needs when it comes to exposure. If your plant seems to be suffering due to a lack of light, it might be time to move it around the house, or supplement with a grow lamp.

Monstera Deliciosa

If you want a tropical plant that packs a big punch, a Monstera is the plant for you. Although Monsteras live in the tropics, it can live in lower light apartments; however, it might get a little leggy as leaves try to climb towards your window for more light source. Amongst the more recognizable of the jungle species, this trendy house plant will turn your apartment into a tropical paradise. Monstera only need a moderate amount of watering; around once a week, depending on the heat and humidity in your home. It’s best to wait until the soil is mostly dry before watering again. 

If you’re concerned that your plants are not getting enough sunlight, you can always invest in a grow light (or two) for your home, but it’s not an absolute necessity! There are plenty of plants that do well in low light environments, and some hardly require any light at all.

Whether you are ready to graduate from succulents and looking for a leafy friend to nurture, you have repetitively struggled to keep plants alive in your low-light home, or you’re simply wondering what houseplants do well in low light, we’re here for you.

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