5 Best Houseplants
for Dorm Rooms 

Whether you are planning for the school year ahead, or trying to liven up your current space, you might be considering acquiring some new houseplant roommates.

Of course, if you’re looking to own easy plants for dorms, you can always default to an ever-popular succulent or cactus, which are dorm room staples. But if you’re looking for a leafier friend to brighten up your space and purify your air, there are still plenty of options that suit your college lifestyle.

You’ll want a plant that you can keep on your study table and is low maintenance. A plant that can tolerate low sunlight will thrive in dorm rooms as well (hello fluorescent lights and minimal windows). After all, you might not remember to give it some extra water or check its soil in the middle of exam season.

Whether you’re a beginner plant-parent or a pro-propagator, these hearty and impressive species are ready to grow along side you during this exciting season of change.

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If you’ve been known to accidentally neglect your plants from time to time, a Hoya is for you. Keeping plants alive in dorm rooms can be an easy task especially with Hoyas. With over 250 species to choose from, these pretty climbing plants will suit every room and make all your friends jealous. Just be sure to make sure it’s getting enough window light, and it will likely forgive you if you forget to water it for a week or two.

Light: Bright, indirect light or full sun.

Water: Wait until the soil is completely dried out before watering.

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Hanging houseplants are currently all the hype. If you manage to find a damage-free hook for a hanging basket, you won’t be disappointed with a Philodendron. Since they are hanging, they won’t take up much of your limited space and they don’t require constant attention. Overwatering is certainly worse for them than underwatering, so if you’re low-key forgetful, this one’s for you. They are also super easy to propagate from clippings, so if you want to start an experiment on your windowsill or share your bounty with your whole residence floor, there’s nothing stopping you.

Light: Bright, indirect light or full sun.

Water: Wait until the soil is completely dried out before watering.

Picture courtesy of Planzen fur alle

Rubber Plants

Rubber plants, also known as ficus elastica, are impressive, yet easy-to-maintain statement plants. While it’s totally not necessary, rubber plants are great for people who love to dote on their leafy friends. Give yourself a break from studying and let your mind drift off as you polish and primp their leaves.

Light: Medium or bright, indirect light.

Water: During the summer months you will need to keep the soil moist to ensure growth. However, during the dormant season (winter) the only require water once or twice a month. This plants needs are perfectly in tune with your class schedule- how neat is that?

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You may not have space for a massive palm tree in your dorm room, but a dracaena will give you the same tropical vibes. Simply pop one of these little guys on your desk and check it’s soil when you sit down to study. If you’re okay with him staying on the smaller side, then your Dracaena should be totally fine, even if your desk is in the darkest corner of the room.

Light: Bright, indirect light. Will tolerate low light with stunted growth.

Water: Allow soil to partially dry before watering. Dracaena enjoy misting, so if you prefer you can do this two times per week.

Picture courtesy of Freepik

Coffee Plants

College students practically live on coffee, so much so that it’s become a fundamental part of the culture. So why not bring some coffee into your home with a coffee plant? This pretty green plant is both forgiving (which can be necessary to accommodate your busy schedule) and a great conversation starter. We recommend naming it “Joe”, but ultimately that’s up to you.

Light: Bright, indirect light

Water: Generally speaking, you should aim to keep the soil partially moist most of the time. If you forget, no need to worry. Your plant’s leaves will droop to let you know and watering will perk them back up in no time.

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